ACTG 495 Portland State University Professional Accountant Essay

ACTG 495 Portland State University Professional Accountant Essay


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ACTG 495 Portland State University Professional Accountant Essay


Throughout the term we have discussed accounting professionalism, the public interest and the role of the Accountant in society. In this context I want you to think broadly about Accountants. They may be Accountants in CPA firms or other public practice, Accountants in industry or other types of for-profit firms, Accountants in non-profit entities or Accountants in government.

This assignment will ask you to explore what it means to be a professional Accountant in the 21st century.

In addressing this question, please consider:

What does it mean to be a professional Accountant?

What are the characteristics of a professional Accountant? What distinguishes a professional Accountant from someone who simply works in accounting (e.g., bookkeepers, data entry, accounts payable clerks, etc.)?

What role does a professional Accountant play in our economy, society, democracy, etc. (think broadly)?

Does a professional Accountant have responsibilities not shared by other professions (i.e., finance professionals, sales and marketing professionals, technology professionals, etc. – all may work alongside Accountants in the modern day accounting firm)? If so, discuss these unique responsibilities and indicate their relevance.

Please do not address these questions theoretically, but with practical examples. Specifically, illustrate and support your answers with examples out of the cases, readings and class discussions that we have addressed during this term, including The Reckoning. Remember, your response should be broad enough to consider the roles of Accountants in public accounting firms, in business and industry, in non-profits and in government.

The discussion should closely approximate 1,500 words, plus references (you may use any of the referencing formats -MLA, APA, etc.).




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