Hood College Module 7 Privacy Issues on Amazons Spy Camera Alexa Discussion

Hood College Module 7 Privacy Issues on Amazons Spy Camera Alexa Discussion

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Hood College Module 7 Privacy Issues on Amazons Spy Camera Alexa Discussion

MODULE 7 DISCUSSIONS-Emerging and Rambling


As we close out the class, use this module to raise any interesting issues on your mind. For example, I am concerned about the ability of Amazon’s AI devices to “spy” on customers. (I do not own such a device).

Also, since I am a passionate defender of the right to privacy, I am uncomfortable with the data coming from any modern phone. (I wish I had invested in the “burner phone” industry……).

I had a student who considered suing a respectable dating app, for which payment was required, for fraud and misrepresentation. (Consider: please make an effort to under the FTC’s jurisdiction in cyber fraud matters……..)

Whats on your mind?

Ahem…..Please be sure to complete a course evaluation. I happen to serve without tenure or job security, so favorable comments, if earned, are always appreciated, though never required………

example 1

Whenever I hear the talk about the government and private enterprises and how they are spying on people to collect private data whether it was for political or business purposes, I don’t feel really scared or even care about the matter not because I believe that we live in a time where privacy is almost impossible but because I was born and raised in a police state country so I am used to being monitored all the time. I do understand the importance of privacy but with the technological advancement and the way it works I think privacy is no more a right, it is more of a privilege. People nowadays have to choose between privacy and technology and they cannot choose both.

A personal concern of mine is automated Bots presence online, we all saw how the sale of PS5 went in the last couple of week and how scalpers used automated bots to purchase large quantities for the purpose of selling it again on eBay and other websites for a huge profit margin. This method is depriving legit customers of fair opportunity for online purchase as humans cannot be faster that a bot. earlier this year the 16 years old Nate created a software called Bird Bot, a software that allowed him to cut retailers’ digital lines. according to the Washington Post the software enabled Nate to purchase enough Nintendo Switch consoles to create a global shortage. automated Bots is mainly used in the sneakers online markets and the tickets market, in 2016 the Better Online Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act were passed by the congress which made it illegal to purchase tickets to events in mass quantities, the act fell short and did not really help solving the issue. In 2019 the Stopping Grinch Bots bill was introduced to the house of representatives, this bill makes it unlawful to use automated tools (i.e., bots) to intentionally bypass a website’s security measures in order to purchase and resell its products or services in interstate commerce. we will have to wait and see whether this bill pass or not.

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