Clayton State University Week 7 Data Base for Customer Information MySQL Program

Clayton State University Week 7 Data Base for Customer Information MySQL Program

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Clayton State University Week 7 Data Base for Customer Information MySQL Program


Applications require some form of interaction to add content. The simplest form is to have a mapping of a form set of input fields such as “customer” to insert directly into one table. This reduces the complexity of the functionality because not much more has to be performed. It is important to plan what needs to be done when an event occurs beyond just the insert, including what should happen to the form fields, how the user is notified, what has been performed, and whether there are any errors. In this assignment, you will create the functionality to create new customers. Using the screen that has been designed, ensure that you have created the labels, input fields, and buttons to add a customer. Each data field in the customer database table should have an input field defined other than the primary key that is auto-incremented.

For this assignment, you will create an event handler to execute when the user presses the Add Customer button to call a new method called addCustomer(). This method should retrieve the input data from the form and pass the data to another method in CapestraDB. By convention, this new method in CapestraDB also is named addCustomer(). In this new method, the database should be connected first to a database account that has permission to insert into the table. The customer data from the input fields should be populated into an INSERT statement and then executed to be inserted into the database. If the INSERT statement was successful, clear the input fields and inform the user that the customer has been added. If the INSERT was not successful, inform the user that there was an error without clearing the input fields. It may help as you develop your methods to test a single input field all the way from the input to insertion into the database and then add in the rest of the input fields.

Review the SRS to read about additional details regarding this Action. For example, the user should be informed if any of the customer information is missing (and no insertion should be made). And if the customer already is in the database, an error message should be displayed (and no insertion should be made). Note: A “customer” is identified by first name and last name.

Note that in this assignment and in all future assignments, you are required to use the provided CreateOES.sql script to (re-)create your MySQL database. This script (and the database that it creates) replace the database that you created in previous assignments. Your MySQL environment must have a root user and the root password must be ‘root.’

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