600+ words required. I will send the case you will use.

600+ words required. I will send the case you will use.

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HSC 4640 – Legal Aspects of Health Care

Refer to the case that you selected for Module 3. In Module 3 you examined licensure and liability. For your final assignment you will discuss the resolution of this case (as it was previously ruled, you are notdeciding the case). Specifically, you will examine the arguments of the plaintiff and defendant of this case (refer to Module 1 if you need a refresher on these terms). If the case that you selected in Module 3 does not include enough information for you to complete this assignment, you may select a new case; however, the same criteria from Module 3 apply.

In a paper of 600-800 words, examine and defend both sides of the case – the plaintiff and the defendant. You are not agreeing with one side or the other, you are examining the facts and defending the position that each side has taken. You should use information from all modules in this course (and your own experiences) to complete this assignment. A summary of the case should be included as well.

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