4-week personal ambition

4-week personal ambition
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Set a SMART personal ambition/goal for the next 4 weeks

Start a Google doc titled “4-week personal ambition,” and write a paragraph that describes your SMART goal. Use the SMART goal questions I provided in class. You can use your QW1 ideas.
Keep a detailed record of your progress for 4 weeks. Create a table, list, outline, diagram, etc. on your Google doc that clearly shows your progress.
Write weekly progress updates in your Google doc.
Each week, I’ll ask you for oral updates as well (group discussion).
Finish the report by Mon, Dec. 2.
My 4-week personal ambition (answer SMART goal questions in min. 250 words)
Record Keeping (find a way to keep track of your progress, like charts, lists, outlines, tables, etc.). Keep specific notes
Weekly updates: Min. 250-word paragraph per week will answer these 3 questions by Friday:Week 1 progress update + pictures Week 2 progress update + pictures Week 3 progress update + pictures Week 4 progress update + pictures
What did I notice while tracking my learning strategies this past week? In other words, what worked, what didn’t, and why?
How did my predictions about how, when, where, and what I would do match what actually happened?
What strategies did I use to ensure my success? Are they working, or should I change something next week. Add a brief prediction of what you expect to happen next week.
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