3 part discussion

3 part discussion
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Part 1 m3
Finding Reliable Information on the Internet Paper Instructions
Graded; 20 points
For this assignment, you will be searching for and assessing 3 Internet sites that are reliable and appropriate for academic or professional use and one site that you find to be unreliable based upon evaluation tips you gained from reviewing the links provided in the module. Please do not use Wikipedia or Wiki sites.
Remember, this analysis should focus on the reliability of the web site NOT a discussion of the specific health issue that was the topic of your search.

Please click here for additional instructions on how to complete the assignment. Please note that a PDF will download to your computer for you to open or may open directly in the webpage dependent on the browser you are using.
As an additional tool, you may find the Web Evaluation Checklist here of value in your assessments of the websites you choose
part 2 m3
There is a wealth of research demonstrating that education is one of the strongest predictors of health status. Why? How? For example, how might education work to reduce threats to health? How might education impact the determinants of health you read about in the first module?
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