2-3 pages Jury depending

2-3 pages Jury depending
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2-3 pages Jury depending on a prompt and answering 3 questions + 2 replies on other 2 juries

The Trial
Testimony at the trial proved conclusively that Sam was legally intoxicated when he left the party. There was also proof that there was nothing in the policy about lack of coverage in the event of an accident due to intoxication.
I want it to be almost 3 pages please but perfect grammar and good content please
Here is the material the case and 3 questions
Sam was insured under a life insurance contract policy that excluded death due to suicide. The policy had a face amount of $1 million. Two weeks after taking out the policy, Sam was driving home from his promotion party while intoxicated. He lost control of his car when a dog ran in the road and was killed when the car hit a utility pole. There was no one else involved in the accident. The weather was clear and the road was in good shape and well lighted. Sam’s insurance company refused to pay and Sam’s wife sued the company to force payment.
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