NUR-2030 Health Assessment paper

NUR-2030 Health Assessment paper

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(2017FA1-NUR-203024-03) Health Assessment.

For this assignment

Perform a complete health history on a self-selected “patient”. Use chapter four of your Jarvis (2016) textbook as a guide to complete this paper.

Synthesize your findings in a narrative, scholarly paper format based on the directions below.

Structure and Content:

No more than six pages in length, double-spaced, not including the title and reference pages.

Times New Roman, size 12-point font.

Title page in APA style.

Complete sentences in narrative format.

Sections of your Paper:

Introduction (no heading):

Briefly introduce your patient to the reader. Include biographic data, source of history, and present history or history of present illness.

Past Health:

Childhood illnesses, accidents or injuries, serious or chronic illnesses, hospitalizations, operations, obstetric history, immunizations, last examination date, allergies, and current medications.

Culture and Genetics:

Briefly highlight in the findings of the family history identified in the genogram discussion. Discuss any pertinent cultural issues.

Review of Systems:

Present a brief overview highlighting only abnormal findings.

Functional Assessment:

Use your Jarvis (2016) textbook as a guide. You may want to discuss self-esteem, self-concept, activity/exercise, nutrition/elimination, sleep/rest, spiritual resources, coping and stress management, personal habits, alcohol, illicit or street drugs, environmental/hazards, intimate partner violence, and occupational health.

Perception of Health:

Conclude with a summary of your patient’s perception of health. Identify their health concerns, goals, and expectations from their health care providers.

General Tips

Refer to Chapter 4 (Jarvis, 2016) for information on each required health history area. *Be sure to follow the Written Assignment RubricImage of an icon that represents “Opens in a new window”.

Each section should be used as a Level 1 heading in your paper “centered, boldface, uppercase and lowercase heading” (American Psychological Association, 2010, p. 62).

Please remember to protect your patient’s privacy.

Use initials instead of first and last names when mentioning your patient.

Do not disclose your patient’s address.

This is not a medical record, it is an academic paper so please follow APA guidelines. For more information on citations, please visit the APA tutorialImage of an icon that represents “Opens in a new window”.

For ease of access, it is recommended that you use a family member, friend, or classmate within close proximity as your “patient”.

This activity will be graded using the written assignment rubric.



American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, D.C.: Author.

Jarvis, C. (2016). Physical examination and health assessment (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.



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