Anxiety Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence

Anxiety Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence

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Week 5: Anxiety Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence

I don’t know why everyone is worried that I don’t want to go out with my friends anymore. I just like to stay home. There is nothing wrong with that. I go to school and get good grades, but I don’t know what to say to those other girls in my class. They ask why I can’t go to the mall with them on the weekend and I get all embarrassed. They don’t understand that I don’t know what to say to them. When I do say something, it is always wrong, or they laugh. I can just stay home and read my books.”

Emma, age 15

Anxiety disorders that plague many individuals in adulthood often have their origins in childhood and adolescence. By identifying those children and adolescents with anxiety disorders, the PMHNP can intervene and teach skills that the client can use to control anxiety throughout his or her life.

This week, you analyze case studies to determine the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders.

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