ECH 130 Topic 1 Brain Function

ECH 130 Topic 1 Brain Function

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ECH 130 Topic 1 Brain Function



Part One: Definitions and DescriptionsTable

Using 3-5 scholarly resources complete the “Brain Function Table.” For each component, provide the definition, and describe the component’s role in learning and development.

Part Two: Early Childhood Essay

Using 3-5 scholarly resources, write an essay of 250-500-words for Birth to Age 5/Pre-K and K to Age 8/Grade 3 that includes the following:

  1. Describe rate of the growth, development, and functioning of the brain during early childhood.
  2. Explain how the knowledge of brain development can shape public policy regarding quality early education programs.

GCU style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

Submit Part One and Part Two as one deliverable.



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