NTC 300 Week 1-5 Completed Solved Assignments

NTC 300 Week 1-5 Completed Solved Assignments

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NTC 300 Week 1-5 Completed Solved Assignments

NTC 300 Wk 1 – Drotos Engineering Cloud Solution Proposal


Read the Drotos Engineering Cloud Migration Project Overview.

Imagine you are the only IT employee at Drotos Engineering. After discussing the company needs with the company owner, referred to as Senior, you recommended the company transition to a cloud-based IT management solution. Senior directed you to create a high-level overview of what it would take to migrate the company’s internal, private network to a cloud-based solution.

Create the following materials to review with Senior:

  • A diagram of the current network environment
  • A diagram of the proposed cloud-based network environment with annotations of what is new or changed from the current environment
  • A 3- to 4-page summary that includes:
  • A rationale for transitioning from the traditional network environment to a cloud-based environment (i.e., how the cloud-based solution is better than trying to modify and adapt the current network to meet the business needs)
  • The identification of new or different hardware requirements to support the cloud-based environment
  • A listing of the high-level steps to implement the recommended cloud-based solution
  • A listing of additional considerations or information needed to create a more thorough listing
  • A final opinion as to whether the proposal will address all of the business’s needs or whether additional modifications or solutions will eventually be needed

Create your diagrams in Microsoft® Visio® and write your summary in Microsoft® Word.

Note: You will use the proposed cloud-based network diagram in the Week 2 individual assignment, Drotos Engineering: Security Considerations.

Compress your files into a ZIP file.

Submit your assignment.



NTC 300 Wk 2 – Drotos Engineering: Security Considerations Diagram and Summary


Continuing with the Drotos Engineering cloud migration project, Senior has agreed to proceed with a cloud-based solution for the organization’s applications.

You are now working on establishing the security configurations and technologies for your solution.


Part 1


Revise the Microsoft® Visio® diagram of the proposed cloud-based network environment you created in the Week 1 assignment Drotos Engineering: Cloud Solution Proposal. Your revision should include:

  • An explanation of the appropriate security configurations and compliance controls needed to meet the basics of the cloud infrastructure design
  • An explanation of the appropriate access control list (ACL) to the target objects to meet access requirements according to a security template


Part 2

Create a 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word document that recommends:

  • Security technologies to use to meet your security requirements and design
  • Automated scanning and monitoring techniques or tools
  • High-level steps to implement the tools you recommend; identify the more critical steps

Compress your files into a ZIP file.

Submit your assignment.



NTC300 WK 2 Drotos Diagram


NTC 300 Wk 3 – Drotos Engineering Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Summary and Plan


NTC 300 Wk 4 – Drotos Engineering Cloud Management Summary and Descriptions


NTC 300 Wk 5 – Drotos Engineering Troubleshooting Flow Chart

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